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After being criticized for a slow response to SARS, China is once again facing global scrutiny for its handling of the new coronavirus.
By the time the global SARS outbreak was contained, the virus spread to over 8,000 people worldwide and killed almost 800.
The new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID-19, has already surpassed the 2003 SARS outbreak.

When the whole world had gone to lockdown, the UK decided to do herd immunity strategy.
The UK was criticized by the world over and how risky that Strategy was. No doubt about it.
Even the Chinese Experts were not happy how UK was dealing with situation. What people do not realize is that there are some Cultural Issues that make the UK a completely different nation.

Let's Compare it with Other Countries in the world

Image result for Self Isolation

1.Self-imposed Self Isolation: When every day in this country people behave like other people walking around as if it is 28 Days Later or Walking Dead. In the UK, most people are already living in Isolation. People usually do not talk to each other rather freely, they do not wish anyone "Good Day" " Have a nice day!" or do not stand and loiter like some people from Asians Countries. Some more liberal countries like Brazil or France would be kissing on cheeks whereas in the UK people do not. It happens but it isn't a common greeting.

It is very common when one person is on one side of road and when they see another they would move away on the other side of the road.

People in the UK wouldn't die more with Coronavirus but definitely due to Boredom, Mental Health, and Isolation.

Image result for Civic sense

2. Civic Sense: I hate to say this but in some countries, people would spit on the road, throw things on the road, Toilets are hard to find or if any they are dirty.

Even without Corona Virus Cafes and Restaurants are expected to clean it every 2 hours or at least check them.  This has increased to every hour plus cleaning of handles, gates and surfaces.

Even per capita, UK has more toilets than some of these big Asian Countries like India and China.

It is UK law that if you are serving food you should have Toilet facilities. In the London UK also have cases of people pissing on the road and they have night toilets for these drunk people.

Most people in the UK are very Self-responsible and Independent.

3. Gradual Shutdown v/s Severe Shutdown: The UK went to a gradual shutdown rather than a severe lockdown immediately. Some might argue it might be too late.

1)  UK asked people not to go to Hospital and GP Services - This helped them not to overwhelm their NHS hospitals and systems.
2) Medical Professionals and Boris Johnson asks people to do hand washing and singing Happy Birthday!
3)  Government asked Older People above 70 to stay at home, Diabetic and Asthama Patients.
4) Government asked Sporting Events to be Open as they were going for herd immunity.
5) Government asked people to Work From Home if you are able to do your work from home.
6) Government next asked people not to go to the Pub, Restaurant, and Gyms. Wetherspoons was open. Herd Immunity strategy was discontinued because cases were high in the numbers.
7) Cinema closes on its own
8) The government only closed schools on 20/03/2020.
9) Supermarket advise people to only buy 3 items of the same thing thus stopping panic buying.
10) UK can turn it around in 12 weeks.
11) The government officially asked on 20/03/2020 for the following to stop working.
-Food & drink venues
-Pubs, bars and clubs
-Cinemas, theatres, concert and bingo halls
-Spas, indoor leisure and gyms
-Casinos & betting shops
-Museums & galleries
12) Supermarket have open hours for elderly and vulnerable in the morning.
13) UK is going to now further lockdown.

Criticism 1:  Sporting Events being not canceled: All Men in the UK love their Football and also are very passionate about their Football Clubs. The government didn't want to anger that segment.
In the UK all big events were being canceled even before the Government officials had asked to cancel. No Football match was left to see.

Criticism 2: Old people at Pubs and Wetherspoons: Old people who didn't have anywhere to go in their day to day life still went to Wetherspoons. Maybe there were people who were in their 40s and 50s still went out but might be looking old because of their drinking habits.

Image result for uk school closures

Criticism 3: Why Schools closed so late? 
Many people criticized why schools were closed so late when offices were asked to close and GP services were working minimum.
Schools that had Coronovirus they had already shut down their school.
Many Teenagers who weren't sure whether to study or not and went to confusion and didn't wanted to give their exams. This has been sorted by exams being canceled.

Number 1 reason is that Childcare in the UK is very much dependent on the outsider. In countries like China and India some might have Grandparent's Support or even Neighbour's Support. Childcare is solely dependent by the outsider like Nanny, Aupair, Childminder, Babysitter, Nursery or School.
I also believe that there would be more deaths of husband, wife, and children if they were to spend lots of time together and also have stressed to earn money.

Number 2  In some countries like China where we hear that children were left on their own while parents work. This would have been completely not done in the UK where Children Abuse is treated extremely seriously. Where little bit problem is reported by Childline.

Number 3 Some of the parents who were working on very special jobs like in Hospital, Education and Police. Today when schools are closed they are on the basis where parents working in those sorts of jobs their children would be still sent to school so that their parents can work and help the country.

Number 4 UK is a highly ambitious and economically driven Country. People are measured on their ability to make money. Where woman are asked to work or at least feel pressured to make money as soon as they have given birth. Where Maternity Leave has increased in my generation. There is absolutely no value given to Stay at Home or Work At Home Mum.

Number 5 Taking care of children is a thankless job in the UK. It is very hard to cope in the UK as there are only parents taking care of them. There is no monetary value in raising your child. Men do not feel that they should be providing for their Wives and Kids.  People have only recently started being ok about taking a little break and taking care of their children because they have got some support from the Government. How people would pay their rent and bills is being sorted especially by Rishi Sunak currently as I write this and TV is buzzing with all the people wanting to acquire Benefits and Salaries.

I believe that school has been opened until they could and are being closed on the right day.
Now it is to see how long people are able to work at home with their kids without killing each other ?

Image result for UK border

Criticism 4: UK Border had no extra checking like India.
As before the UK already have extremely strict Border Control. They already have that in a place where in the UK people come it is paperless. There is a chip on the passport - it has your photo and biometrics. Also, the amount of people coming to India is any day larger than coming to the UK.

As far as I see the UK is always in Self Quarantine all the time! 
What good has happened is that people have started Volunteering and Offering help to each other.

The biggest question is Do I agree with it all?

I actually for one think that all the  Global World Leaders are doing their best. 
Less we criticize better it is. Let people get on doing the right things and keep an eye on BIG Picture! 

Appreciate what we had when people in Wuhan or even Beijing were questioning whether they are going to be alive? We were busy thinking about where are we going for a Holiday?
"How to know if a relationship is just a Fling?"

This is a question that was asked to me when I was in a restaurant with other 3 Women and we were just discussing relationships.  This question has come again to me.

Their question was even harder then they wanted to know how can we know even before having sex? As these women didn't want to be a disappointing morning after sex.

I am going to write this article Before having Sex and After Sex.

If sex or your virginity is important to you.

Before Having Sex: 

1. Where are you? : Are you in a Club dancing, Summer Holiday, Christmas Office Party, Nude Beach, University Campus, etc. Are you meeting someone on Tinder? ;-) Where you meet someone is important as there are places where having sex or being touchy-feely is sort of permitted or expected? Where booze and alcohol are flowing and it is just natural for people to have casual sex or get flirty.

2. Is it just hugely Physical? Intellectual? Personality?: They are coming on really strong physically and they basically would hit whatever moves. Or Whether they are genuinely interested. Do they have roaming eyes for others in the room when you are away? All they are interested to talk about their or your physical attributes.

3. Are you attracted to them enough?: Why are you there? Are you there because you are lonely or had nothing to do on Saturday night and you tagged along with your friends. Your person of interest are you interested in them? Would you be attracted to them in different circumstances like less drunk, less lonely or desperate? Are you attracted to them in how they look, how they talk, how they dress,etc? or their personality, their abilities, and their dreams.

4. Prolong your relationship:  If you are meeting online or in-person - Is your talk more about sex and very focussed on telling you how many times they masturbate or they are really naughty who needs whipping? If you were a booty call and you weren't satisfying them they would probably look for somebody. You might come across as a "tease" but better safe than sorry.

5. Can you say "No"?: Nothing is sometimes more attractive than saying NO. Would they be ok just hand-holding and just giving you a hug or a kiss. If you aren't feeling it and if you got up while having sex would they be ok. Are you feeling pressurized or able to tell them how it is?

6. Do you trust them enough to know they are clean? :  It would be impossible to know whether they have any disease but are you both ok to have sex with condoms. Your health is important and it would be impossible to know whether someone doesn't have any disease unless they bought their HIV negative Certificate. Do bring it up as a joke or humor and see how they react.

7. Is this the person with whom you don't mind losing your virginity or having sex? : This is the most important million dollar question.  Risk is- It can still all be a big drama for someone to get inside your pants or even if you had a short term relationship once you had sex your situationship is over. What do you do? You can do nothing but you needed to ask this question that is the person with whom you don't mind losing your virginity or having sex and remembering just like that.

Our Thoughts, our Emotions, and our sexual experiences leave energy marks within our energy field and they remain with us thus every sexual conquest we have is going to stay with us for a long time even though it might be a short term.

After having Sex 

Some Men and Women find it useful to know that they are sexually compatible. To have sex in a relationship or even start with strong sex-focused doesn't always mean it is a fling. Because fling can sometimes turn into a relationship. Some of these answers are the same as Before having Sex.

1. Are they attracted to you enough? : Do they just see you as a  dead - meat or they are genuinely concerned about you? Are they attracted to you in different ways? Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and Intellectually.

2. How do you both communicate:  Do they ghost you or breadcrumb you? Or you do the same thing?
Or you talk to him when you are bored and lonely? You are talking to lots of different other suitors?
Is this person for you an option or "the one"? Do you both talk about the good, bad and worse? Are you both vulnerable open and honest?

3. Are they available?: This one is common sense! but sometimes so lost. People are sometimes in a relationship with a person- when they have a mistress... and mistress can be wife, partner, career, work or money, emotionally unavailable person, etc. To be in a relationship involves a person to have an open heart and time availability.

4. Do they respect you?: Are they honest enough to tell you how they feel? Do they respect you and cherish your company rather than complaining? They are sort of proud of who you are.

5. Are you in a relationship like you want? :  In this modern world, a relationship can take many different shapes? Some are with benefits ;-). Some are rebound. Some are long-distance, Some are based on sex, Some are based on money, Some are just something on side, etc. Do you both like the shape your relationship taking place? Do you spend enough time with each other? Are you always complaining about what can't be changed?

6. Do you both have the same values?: Are you Republican and he is Democratic? He is Soccer Fan and you are Baseball Fan? Do you like Marmite or Peanut Jelly Butter? You get my drift....
Can you tolerate those differences? You don't have to be what they are but can you both agree to disagree.

The next one is very important for a successful relationship.

7. Do they inspire you and support your dreams?: Life is a journey in which you can go alone faster but when you are getting a company you are planning to go further. You are looking for a partner who is as chuffed as you are for all the things you do, want to do or achieve. When you have a conversation of your dreams they aren't there always there to bust your bubble but to help you to achieve those dreams along with you.


8. Do you see the future with them?: I am not talking about on the first date you want to have someone's million kids or get married. But marriage and kids sort of conversation just happens naturally and without anyone being scared. It should never be problematic thinking of  " What kind of Car or House they would like ?","What kind of wedding you would like?"," Whether someone would be good as a Father or Mother, etc?"

1. Know or Judge what other person needs : One of the key thing to look at one doesn't come needy and clingy in the initial phrase is to be aware of how much you and your potential partner want to spend time together. That means to have some sort of conversation directly or gradually observing your other half.
Different people are different in terms of how much time they want to spend time together. It depends also lot on knowing where your relationship might be heading. Are you just casual friend whom you are happy seeing once every 3 months? Are you more of girlfriend and boyfriend who would like to spend time together initially more to get to know each other? 

2. Know that your relationship would go changes :  Relationship can be like waves. Somebody would need more emotional support when they had bad day at work, somebody died, got laid off, etc. While some people would like to spend more time when crisis hit. Some would rather spent time alone. Relationship in the beginning can be like every waking moment I want to be with you to ok we have some trust and we are ok being bit separate. Always see what other people want and listen to their needs.

3. Have a hobby, friends and life without that person :  It is very easy not to put someone on pedestal if you have hit right off and especially when we think that this person might be the One. Have a life without that person. Go for dinner or lunches alone or even in Cinema. Yes alone. It might be boring but enjoying your own company is crucial. If you can't bear your ownself how would other do. Also have different people in your life like friends, mentors , therapists, coaches and parents. Avoid one person to be everything of you. As you would be highly disappointed when you realise they aren't that great. It would also be very exhausting for them to be all of the people you need. 

4. Do not expect instant gratification :  People are busy despite it hardly takes few minutes to answer a text. Some people find it very difficult to write few things and sometimes do get paralysed while communicating on apps, twitter or facebook. Wait for sufficient time before communicating again. Have a maximum number before you contact them. 

5. They aren't into you as much as you are : This is hard truth sometimes you aren't their priority. Maybe it can be wrong  time in their life. They are just not that much into you. You can't please everyone. Sometimes people would not like someone for irrational reasons. You weren't tall enough, you remind them of their ex....etc. There can be many reasons.

6. Don't take it personally : It can feel heart breaking when anyone doesn't see you same as you see them to be. Sometimes you hit it and both are same wavelength and later it fizzles off. They realise something about you wasn't their value. They think they wouldn't fit in your world. You both are in different worlds. It is best to do as much to keep in touch but be detached  to outcome. 

So a big Congratulations after the endless night of trying or rather easily you are super excited that you are going to have your first child. Perhaps you are little late damage is already done. I guess this is an article to read even before that. I am going to be brutally honest and I wish someone was to me. However just like people do not tell you truth of marriage nobody is really telling you how it is.

1. Babies and Children are cute as long as they are of others. : It is a ploy! All nature's ploy to make babies so cute. Women having their biological clocks ticking. Babies are so cute how can you resist them. You would love to have your oneself. Like a toy you saw at the supermarket only catch is you would not be able to return it to anyone if baby is yours.

2. Every parent is a perfect parent until they become one:  You would be scared to have this tiny creature who is totally dependent in you. You would have self doubt and on top of it you would have many advices from all the different sources. Never to take an advice from someone who hasn't had a child or who hasn't had it for a while. They are either inexperienced or too rusty.

3. It hurts a lot whether you are men or women :  Ofcourse women knows giving birth is painful to experience and yes there are medication but nobody tells you about pain after you have given birth. It hurts for a very long time even after giving birth depending on how good or bad your birth are. Your body has taken it's toll and it changes dramatically never looking back as you once had.You might think I am men I would be ok. Yes, when you carry your baby you do get kicked in your balls quiet a bit. It is hard to watch your partner suffer and it can scar men for life.

4. You deal with lot of shit :  When I started this blog and name came about becuase amount of shit I was dealing of my baby literally. It felt that's all I was doing while taking care of my baby. You are constantly dealing with poo, wee, cough, vomit,etc. Babies and Toddlers are violent creatures too. They kick, they hit and they scream and they shout. They are stubborn. You have to be calm in all this and that is a hard act to follow.

5. Two parents aren't enough: Even though it might seem that your parents mother and father bought you up just fine. I admire single mums and I also admire people who have more than one child. Two parents are just not enough to take care of a child as you would be sleep deprived for very long time and taking care of  your child constantly.  It takes a village to bring up a child however now as grandparents are living far or more and more us living in a smaller families it is difficult to find support which you require to raise a child.

6. Childcare can be extremely expensive: You wouldn't even trust anyone in the beginning to leave your child with anyone who provides childcare after scare of child abuse and child pronography. When you would finally trust you would realize it is extremely expensive. Even when you would start using them you would feel guilty whether you are spending enough time with your child.

7. You do not have life of your own : Unless you make it a point to create one.  Every waking minute your needs are put at back burner to put your child's need at first. Even if you are little selfish enough to take care of your needs you would always feel guilty. You keep worrying and you start talking about how your child has done something. Your thoughts are also about him.

8. You would be afraid of change and to take chances in life : It is no longer when you were young, single and free you could take your self anywhere without care or worry. Every decision to leave your child for a night, a day or fortnight has to be planned. You would be taking less challenges and wouldn't be willing to change your life dramatically as quick as possible. Your life would become routine because of your children. You would be afraid of minor to small changes which disrupt your life. Spontanity and quick decisions would soon be gone.

9. All your decisions will be damn if you do, damn if you don't :  So whether you should breastfeed or not, whether you should let them watch TV or not, whether you should let them sleep with you or not. There are no right or wrong answers. As there are really no parameters to figure out if you are good parent or not. However each of your decision would be questioned, criticized or make you wonder whether what you are doing is right or wrong.

10 It is thankless job : Nobody is going to pat you on your back or give you money for raising your own child. It is unpaid job with psychological, emotional and physically draining experience. It is like days going doing nothing but it goes very fast as well. The only thing is while you wait for your child to become 18 you are going to get old too.

Bonus: So why do it at all. Sorry if I have painted the bleak picture. I do not want to leave with what all parents say " It is extremely rewarding": That is biggest bull shit.
Truth is it is lot of hardwork and pain.

I guess most people do it because they are naive of work needed or shit going to be thrown at them. Some people can swim with same amount of problem while other can sink.

You are damned by nature it is what we do. Have children as it seems a logical thing to do after marriage. It is also sign of maturity and responsibility. I guess we do it for GROWTH.

P.S: Photo is of me and my son. It looks as if he is puking at me or I might look unhappy or stressed but I am happy cleaning his hands  ( it is my favourite thing to do ) and it also real picture of motherhood according to me.

So you are thinking of getting married. Congratulations! if you have proposed or going to propose.
Best way to get married isn't to think about it too much. The more you think the less likely you would get married. However these are things which would happen and perhaps you need to prepare yourself to these things.

1. Marriage is boring:
Very opposite to initial dating, chasing, waiting for somebody to be yours and all those dating games. All Gone Poof!  All those options you had or could have.

  You know you are going to be with someone and they know you are going to be with someone. This comfort of knowing you both are for each other. After an initial wedding or so-called honeymoon phase. Marriage is a long time commitment.

You really are thinking to get married someone to spend REST OF YOUR LIFE. That can be 5 years - 50 years.

2. It would take long time for you to get used to being married : 
It would be difficult for you to realize that man or woman you are planning to spend time with IS ACTUALLY your "wife" or "husband".

If you have been player it would be difficult for you to know how to behave with opposite sex.

or had a long dating history firstly you would be happy that you have found somebody but you would still find that living with only one person difficult and also question what about all the people you have dated or were in a relationship with. Just because you are married it would be difficult to tell where those relationships are in your life.

3. There would be lots of temptation : 
If you are decent looking and even when you would be minding your business. There would be always people who will be giving you mixed signals, flirting and getting you confused. OR Somehow you would be doing the same. Not knowingly but just being friendly but being married actually sometimes make a person more desirable. People always want to have what they can't have.

It is said that young women who go for the married man who wears ring in their hands. Yes, there would be lots of temptation and depending on how loyal to your partners and LOYALTY as a subject would be debated in your head.

4. Your partner wouldn't be enough : 
As much initial, you would want you both to be enough but you or your partner aren't substitute for people who you would need in your life. Like your friends, coaches, mentors, colleagues, parents, etc. If you suddenly had new hobby and your partner isn't into it , you would need other people who has same interest as you. You would need people to talk about your own marriage with others just to take a break from your day to day life. Sometimes this can feel opposite of the whole point of choosing the ONE.

5. You would be lonely : 
Just because you are married that doesn't mean you wouldn't be lonely.Yes, you would have a company but it isn't guaranteed that you wouldn't feel lonely.  Sometimes even you are in the crowd you can be lonely and so if you are getting married because of fear of being lonely. STOP !
How do you deal with your personal loneliness would also determine your relationship with others not only your partner? If you are in constant state of loneliness than it is suggested you look for therapy to find root of loneliness or find friends who would help you go through tough time.

Please do not read any further if you are going to watch this movie. I am writing for people who can't see the film and where it is ban. 

Spoiler Alert . Stop reading.

 Go watch film if you can. 

Are you sure you can't watch movie ?

Final Warning 


I saw lipstick under my Burkha in a private viewing in London. It is a story of 4 women 1 is young teenager(Plabita Borthakur)and she wears burkha and she is from conservative family and then she goes to college and wears jeans take part in protests to wear Jeans. She smokes,drinks and have a boyfriend ( Shashank Arora) She even steals dress from shop for which she gets caught because her boyfriend had pregnanted another girl who had to have abortion.

Second story is about a girl who works in beauty parlour girl ( Aahana Kumara) who is about to get married to a overly sweet nice boy ( Vaibbhav Tattwawdi ) because of pressure of her mother (Sonal Jha) ( her mother is also art model nude artist and she was going to get an apartment from her girl's fiance) but girl is in love with a muslim boy( Vikrant Massey) who is a photographer and also taking photos of their engagement. Beauty Parlour Girl has sex with photographer on day of her engagement and takes video of it. Her fiance is sweet gives her lots of gifts and attention. She would have to live in joint family and in crowded place. Her mother knows about other guy still wants her to get married to this fiance.She wants to run away to Delhi but then she doesn't because muslim guy isn't ready. He gets jealous when she starts getting close to her fiance. Her fiance finds video of her sex and confronts her. She is shown confused until end.

Third women is a Muslim woman ( Konkana Sen Sharma) married to a Muslim man ( Sushant Singh)
who used to work in Saudi and return after sometime and always used to have unprotected sex with his wife which would cause her to abort and take pills. They have 3 children and they have lots of sex but he doesn't treat her right or even kiss her. She had lot of pain but her husband won't wear condom. Doctor also explains. She is very ambitious and good saleswoman , gives speech and selling things but her husband doesn't know all this as she is afraid to tell him. She has been offered job for Sales Trainer. She finally realizes that her husband doesn't have a job until he is able to empty old building where they live to rebuilt and instead he goes everyday to a cafe. He even has an affair with another woman. She sees couple of times and then she follows affair woman and demonstrates some products. One of the product was for facial exercise and she basically offered from her mouth one to her. Affair woman says how can I take something which is from your mouth to my mouth. She then tells her I am wife of her husband. Husband then punishes her still with sex and asks her not try to be husband and remain wife.

Fourth woman  (Ratna Pathak) is also owner of building where they all live. She is old around 55 and government asking them to leave house as it is getting old. They are in Bhopal.  She goes swimming with kids and kid fools her that he is going to drown so she tries to save him but instead she gets wet. She is Buaji and she forgets her own name until very young and well built instructor asks him what's her name. She goes to buy swimming costume as she has been asked by this handsome swimming instructor to come for training.She is very shy and lies that swimming costume is for some other girl. She lies that she is going to satsang when actually she is going to swimming. She starts calling this handsome swimming instructor and they have phone sex. So when swimming instructor thought that he is talking to very young and beautiful woman called Rosy. Rosy was actually this old woman and he was very disappointed when he finally realizes that.  Buaji lived with other people and everyone comes to know about her Mills and Boons Collection in Hindi even people living with her and asks to leave building. They throw away all her stuff. 

Throughout movie there is also narration from Mills and Boons Hindi Version by Ratna Pathak . Devastated all 4 women sit together and only last 3 pages were left and they realize that they all have dreams and have courage to dream. It didn't matter whether they came true or not. 

My thoughts about movie : 

It is most liked by movie and really those are same sort of feelings felt by different women at different age. 

Whether as a Teenager you aren't able to pursue college fully or your interests.

Whether as a Young Woman you aren't able to decide whom  to marry.
Whether as a Woman with children you aren't allowed to work or your spouse is cheating on you while you are taking care of children.
Whether as a Widow you aren't allowed to have any life apart from being religious and if you are still alive and kicking sexually there is something wrong with you.

Why it got banned?

This is what wikipedia says :

"The story is lady oriented, their fantasy above life. There are contanious [sic] sexual scenes, abusive words, audio pornography and a bit sensitive touch about one particular section of society"

I personally feel the reason it got banned is because of name "Lipstick under my Burkha"

I also do not think that it represents all of India. At all times we should remember that this is just a story in some small place. However there is some reality in these stories but not all. 

Would "one particular section of society" (cough...Muslim/ Islamic) would be offended? I am not sure. It does bring up issue of Burkha but there isn't much said apart from her general suffocation in not being able to be creative whether by singing or by exploring fashion. Women are expected to wear Burkha but whether one sees this as restrictive or not is subjective. Subject of Burkha / hijab gets discussed in Western Countries quiet a lot. How somebody wearing it is seen as oppressive to women. However if you watch movie carefully underlying message is women are oppressed whether they are dressed in Burkha or not. One does realize that it has got nothing to do with the way they are dressed?

Another topic I felt that movie portrayal that young woman's definition of freedom to be equivalent to going to audition, how she dresses, smokes, drinks and having boyfriend could be sort of behaviour not wanting to be encouraged in Indian Society. None of them are interlinked. 

Somebody wearing saree doesn't define that she is morally good or has good character.
Somebody wearing trousers and shirt tell that they are having many boyfriends.

Men were also portrayed in a lousy light. Indian Men are portrayed with horror of domestic violence, rape,etc. 

Why it shouldn't have been banned?

India is and have always been open about sex until it was colonized. We invented Kama Sutra. We don't want to talk about sex. Actions like this reaffirm that India is conservative and not ready for Indian female voice. However seeing several Bollywood Film I can confirm that Indian youth and society is ready for this sort of movie. Whatever was in the movie is actually happening in real life. There are lots of western movies with lot of nudity is in cinemas and on prime time TV in India.

It is very much acceptable to talk about Rape in India in a daytime television but not Female Sexuality which is indeed shame.

It is wonderful story of 4 women and it is funny and relatable to most women and would have been good education for men.
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