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I want to be a billionare so ****ing bad....

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What is Success?

A decade or two ago it was thought having food, clothes and house were enough but in today's century as we get materialistic and seek comfort in physical things we are lost to think that success is having a fancy house with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and big garden,having a new Sports car ( wait or how about private jets? flying car? Or space ship? even better...) ipad 2 or any other new gadget is no longer luxury.100 pair of Shoes and 200 clothes all needed anyways. We can't think living without washing machine, refrigerator, TV, Computer and Internet. If we aren't going to holiday or in Spa then we are working far too much. Our wants have become needs. The definition of success has changed form millionaire to billionaire. Of course everyone is dreaming to be next Bill Gates.

In all this running around in rat race, opening new startup companies, one up man ship whether it is on Social Networking or real life. The definition of success has changed , left us burned out and sometimes unhappy.

Everybody wants success somebody told me. The question still remains What is success?

Some tell me:

Success is when you do what you have said.
Success is what their peer consider. It fulfils their expectation or beyond that.
Success is when you enjoy what you do.
Success is when person has balanced life and can be a good in all parts of life....personal , professional, family, etc.

Success is when a cobbler makes his pair of shoes. Success is when hairstylist cuts his client's hair to perfection and makes his client happy. Success is when a teacher imparts his knowledge and see progress in his student. Success is when an Architect see his building built.

They all are correct but...

According to me,
Success is when a person of nowhere does something which isn't its true nature. It is nothing but pure magic. Person doesn't have an ability nor background to be what they are today. When somebody challenges himself or herself to not only be successful her/himself but also others. Success is to appreciate present, without losing sight of future and to help others.
It is human nature to be ambitious and competitive. Human would have never grown to the heights had have stopped when first wheel was invented. We humans as a whole race have got tremendous success in finance, technology, arts and language. It is worth appreciating. However it would have been better if the success was divided equally.

Human race would be successful when as a whole we do something which isn't our true nature i.e, is to be satisfied with present, give others and help others to be equal as us and still manage to go further as a whole race and experience pure magic.

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