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What is fitness craze? Why unrealistic weight gain / weight loss stories is harming our society ?

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It seems everyone is talking about fitness and it has become a latest new trend.
When people who were chubby or round at edges were considered wealthy.
Gone are those days but new days are revenge by skinny people.
It might seem they are having last laugh.

Most woman are of shape. Pear Shape, Apple Shape, Hour glass shape,etc.
Even that I think is so pathetic that woman are classified that way.

Some people think after seeing my recent photos is that I need to do some as if they know my lifestyle already. I thanked for pointing out as I am not always aware of my flaws and I can understand well intention, well meaning people doing that. I am not Size 0 and never claim to be.

The whole point of  my this photos I post is  to inspire mothers like me who go to gym after having babies
Can not think of being in their swim suits. I like to eat 3 meals and I like to sleep. I do not agree with calorie counting , sugar and carb intake and who feel constant societal pressure to preserve their body they had in 20s. It is unrealistic to sustain and I have no problem with people who can.

It is really inspiring to hear weight loss stories but way things are heading it is to extreme where if you aren't going to gym you aren't taking care of yourself.  As I mentioned earlier I go to gym , I just don't like to talk about it but now I have. I don't take selfies in my work out clothes or while I am working out. As I do not wish to be part of fitness craze trend which says " Your body isn't good enough" or " You aren't beautiful enough".  

We all know what we are supposed to do. We are daunted with huge amount of media articles on what our ideal body weight should be and people who sell those products are taking people's insecurity and making money out of it. That is great too, somebody has to ! 

So here is the thing - I like fitness freaks. I like people who go to gym, I like people who don't go to gym, I like obese people, I like over-weight people. I like slim people. I like fat people. I like people of ALL sizes and shapes. 

BUT I hate people who make other people uncomfortable of what body they have.
I am sick and tired of culture where everyone is expected to look as below photos.

If you find my photo to be ugly then there are many more to come. You can poke as much fun as possible or feel better about yourself. I would advise you to look away.

As at the end of the day god has given me what he has and I would do best to keep it best it can but I am not going to kill myself or stress myself out. I wouldn't hold anyone to unrealistic expectation and especially me.

Sometimes what is most funny thing is that Men especially who are too fat or too skinny would look for women who are just average and try to put her down.
When woman appreciate man for whatever his shape form or just for his personality.
I do not expect all man to look like famous film star or model.
I am woman of shape and if I am not your type, it is ok. I do not have duty to this society to be skinny. 

If you think I am ranting because I am uncomfortable with my body. NO !
I feel really strongly about this. 
I am very happy with my weight and comfortable with my body and I would like other to feel the same.

I am just sick and tired of culture of "Body Shaming" and which says "You can never be too thin or too rich"
Being Fit and Healthy is one thing and expecting whole society to look same size is another. 
People need to start considering what is realistic and what is not. 

There are people who go through pregnancy,age, disease, genetically can't lose weight , lifestyle choice, personal prefrence but they are still working on it. Everyone is working on Weight Loss or Weight Gain to look good because we all are caught in Fitness Frenzy and Craze without questioning whether it is realistic to hold people to such standards.   

I also feel that if people were wondering about whether i am exercising I also wonder if people who are genuinely overweight have any hope.
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