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Why Men who see Women as "Gold digger" and themselves as " Walking Wallets" are doomed?

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I was saving this I didn't wanted to write but just mere frustration of how big this problem IS and is so rampant that I am going to write about this.

So Men who says " She is a Gold Digger " perhaps need to check how much Gold they really have lately. I can bet you they have NONE.

It might be convenient to say " She is Gold Digger"  that when real reason of actually facing the TRUTH which lurks behind all that bravado. When you really scratch the surface and there is lot more going on and then what meets the eye.

Not Knowing what they want out of life :  Well to be honest it is ok not to know whether you want to get married or not, whether you want to just have emotional or only physical relationship with someone. If you are unavailable and aren't entirely sure than instead of doing decent thing to just break up or make it easy for women to move on. Men who don't know what they want would try to do everything to drive women mad so that she can get out of their life.

They just want to enjoy life or fantasy of having several women with no real prospects : It is ok if you are a Player honestly but tell women before hand so that she exactly know where she is with you. It would save everyone lot of grief.

Fear of being used : I think Women should have more of this then Men. Women should not only fear men "who just wants to have sex". I guess it is more dangerous to find Men who like to erode women's self worth. Women gets screwed and she doesn't even know it.

Stop using Women : I have found Men who really actually want to get money out of women or are unable to take care of them are first one who would jump and say "Women needs money". You might be really using and abusing women financially, emotionally making her emotional pillow,intellectually etc. etc. Some men get into relationship or marriage so they can use and exploit Women.Sometimes this is so ingrained in Men's brain that they do not realize they are abusing women.

Fear of Intimacy :  Even if they did have gold then they do not think WORTHY of someone's love. It is worse than not having Gold! Being hurt is really difficult and it isn't easy and some Men rather than having feelings or emotions they think money is answer to all.

Conflicted between High Ideals and Reality : Men who want to take care of women financially are "cute ". However they forget that reality might be they barely making their ends meet and some men go to great lengths of promising false things like " I would take care of you" and " I want to bring your dreams come true" . Women would rather be happy to know that they aren't really that well to do rather than making women feel that her wants are wrong.  It is wrong for Women to expect Men to fulfill it however it isn't wrong for Women to have needs and dreams. 

Stop whore -ifying people :  It isn't a market place of Men buying Women. It used to be but it really isn't. Both Men and Women have equal power. or Women buying Men  However to think that Men brings money and Women brings Sex or Household Chores is just very traditional and wrong thinking. Exchange of Money and sex despite being a premise which creates probably should be discussed beforehand.

High Standards: I could start this topic by saying " BEWARE OF GOLD DIGGERS" but truth is we all want something or other from each other and in some odd way we are fulfilling each other
some need. If we didn't have need we might as well live on an island. Sometimes it can be of just not feeling lonely, learning, respect, youth, care companionship, friendship, love,money and sex, etc...I guess Money and Sex get bad rep but also because it is tangible whereas  everything else is intangible. So if a Men or Women have High standards and other party can't fulfill it then that is that.
Some people are happy to provide and some aren't. Some are ok to be used and abused and some aren't.

High Odds : Some relationship just have too many problems, fears, discomfort, differences, circumstantial internal and external. It is best to just realize and accept limitations of actual relationship. Instead of blaming each other it is in evident that somethings didn't happen because of circumstances or people are just too different. 
If something is meant to happen, it would happen no matter what. 
If something isn't meant to happen then it wouldn't happen no matter how much one tries. 

Most Women don't need Men.

In the age of high income, vibrators, porn,sperm donors and male strippers. Women really doesn't need MEN to provide for her financially and also not in other ways. 

Perhaps that is why I know Women who marry to somebody who doesn't have much money but they can be in relationship /marriage rather than getting married to Millionaires who keep knocking their doors.

It is a myth that only Men go through a heavy loss on their money while getting married.
Women sacrifices lots of freedom, time, energy and money on Men who do not necessarily deserve it.Only recently Men has taken any interest in raising children. 

However only difference is when Men go and earn, when he trades his time for money, He takes care of his time he is called Bread Winner.

When Women takes care of her time so that she can earn she is seen as Slut or Whore. Some societies expect Women to not work. Some expect her to earn and plus do all the extras. Take care of children, In Laws, be good cook, chef , cleaner and maid apart from good Wife and Mother. 

When women let you take care of her, it is a privilege women give to men.
No matter how much you complaint deep down Men know this is truth.

So Good question is What do Women Really Want ? Why would she ever be with ME?

Most men think what is Women bringing to table. 
Only if Women were that as logical as Men. Women are learning to do that too.Purely because they are forced to do that ! 

Woman value who you are as Man,perhaps lot more than you do yourself.
If only you could see yourself from her eyes. Most Woman for that one initial feeling
and one right intuition would do everything. If you have found somebody like that treasure it.

Guys out there who think Can I replicate it love " No, you can't".
Men who questions What does Women want ?  and have scratched their brains for centuries but truth is it isn't that logical. 
One can't make someone love another. It happens and rest is history !
It is an alchemy of things coming together.

This is my request to Men and Women ! Yes Request and not Advice or Order.

If you do not want to take care of Women then don't, just say it out front and be honest. There is no need to lie. Perhaps it would hurt your ego just a little bit but just do it. 

Same for Women just be honest, if you want to be taken care then that is that.
Now whether men thinks he should or would like to or not, it is up to him.

Okay, so you finally snagged the girl you were dreaming of. Now what do you do with her?
If you’re at the kissing stage, make sure you are ready—clean, fresh breath, all of that.
If you’re at the relationship stage, make sure you know how to be a good boyfriend.
If things get serious, make sure you know how to have a healthy relationship.
Going through the trouble of making a girl crazy about you only to let her down when things get interesting is enough to make a girl plain crazy!

It happens to Men too exactly same thing when women isn't ready to do things necessary for relationship, she shouldn't lead the man on.
If you’re at the kissing stage, make sure you are ready—clean, fresh breath, all of that.
If you're at the relationship stage, make sure you know how to be a good girlfriend. 
If things get serious, make sure you know how to have a healthy relationship.
If things get serious, make sure you know how to have a healthy relationship.
Going through the trouble of making a boy crazy about you only to let him down when things get interesting is enough to make a boy plain crazy!
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