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Top 12 things Property Agents / Property Managers in Auckland have got it wrong


Top 12 things Property Agents / Property Managers  in Auckland have got it wrong

Property Agents or Property Managers in Auckland are busy people. We empathize with amount of work one Property Agent has to do from putting  advertisement on the internet,  view different  properties, co-ordinate with seller and buyer, negotiate, draw the contracts, close deals, maintain properties, etc.

However nothing really prepares  your Customer for this kind of behavior  and attitude which most Property Agents in Auckland have.

1. No Greeting :  Property Management and Property Agents treat their customer worse than Fast Food Restaurant Customers. At least in Fast Food Restaurant the Customer Service Executive would greet warmly and wait patiently until the  Customer decides on Food.  Simple etiquette of How are you ? Nice to meet you ? Is too much to ask for from the Property Agents.

2. What's in a Name ? : They do not remember your names as long as they remember theirs it is enough. Customer wonders "If you can't remember my name why are you even bothered to show me the property.

3. Viewing with several clients : We understand the property needs to be viewed by several people  and for  Property Agent it is a good solution. The question remains is whether you have asked Customer whether they are ok with Open Houses or not. Some Customers find it intimidating and as an agent you might be missing out on golden opportunity of building  one on one connection and trust during the first few meetings.

4.Open Houses for 10 Minutes: Yes, we understand to save time and money it is better to show property  at once but what is with 10 minutes  on weekday. Have you even considered that  you might be missing out on a potential customer who would love to do business with you if  you understand the m better.

5.Hurried Conversation :  Now how much one can talk to someone in 10 minutes with 4  - 5 different customers . It is already lots for Customers to take in with the new property and  have several questions. Even before  agent have known their name, personal situation , issues and preferences Customer is informed about the next Customer waiting in line . Potential Customers  are handed forms and ask to leave premises.Spend some time to get to know your Customer whether they are first time buyers or first time renters.

6. No Mention about who owns the Property: Yes, as  customer  we want to know who owns the property, whom are we going to sign Contract with? Not because  Customer want to avoid you and not pay for your commission  but to know that you are genuine and information given by you is genuine. Not necessarily you give name or number of owner but you can always talk to customer about the owner.

7. Do not inform  what is the procedure : As a Property Agent , you have not informed apart from giving  form and how much money customer is supposed to give any further details on what is going to happen, when going to happen. What will happen when the customer moves in, what are the things he / she is supposed to do with their electricity, gas, water, etc . Whether the property has electricity or gas? Who is providing those services, what are the numbers to contact them. Make an attempt to know about  customer  and help him /her to envision living in the property

8. Poorly written and confusing forms: The  Forms from  Property Agent Companies  or Property Management Companies have insufficient information. It doesn't have information about property. Sometimes e-mail to contact is wrong on it. Sometimes Form lists wrong numbers of documents needed. If you are asking for Financial Documents  be specific and also ensure that it is safe. What happens with Financial details?  Yes, it might seem strange request to fill up form with Customer but ultimately you are requesting this information. 

9. Bad Memory : As an agent if you have showed Customer property then you should remember it.  If you can not remember it then write it down. Do not expect customer to remember it.  Just as you have many prospective buyers or renters to manager. Customer is also looking  at several property but you as a Property Manager is responsible for that property who walks in and out of the Property.

10. No Follow up :
How many times agents have missed the deals because  you have not answered an e-mail or voicemail?   Do not list a property on or other websites if it is  rented  or sold already. If you are claiming the property is gone then do not keep for another 1 week. It makes you look dishonest  and you loose respect.

11. Unrealistic Deadlines:  If you had an Open house on say for instance Friday, do not expect  everyone to submit the Forms on same day by 4 pm.  It isn't possible for Customer to have all the documents or might want to Sleep over their decision. Give them enough time but not  too much.  

12. No After Sales  Support : Yes, you do not want customer to come back  for every minor problem but  every customer expects good Sales support. If you have not done your work shoddily in the beginning there would be less hassle after wards. Always ask before you leave whether you can do anything else for your customers. 
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