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Why English talk about Weather so much ?

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Weather so unpredictable and yet people speculate on it.  It is more so in England. Everybody says English loves talking about weather and they do. They even bet on it.

When you ever ask Why English talk about Weather?
They would most probably wouldn't know. They would say their weather is very unpredictable

Is it really ?
YES, than some countries but do they talk as much as British.

However I feel

Without getting too inquisitive somehow Weather is impersonal. Nobody can do anything about it.
Nobody can blame on anybody.  ( OK I am not talking about Environment Changes because people know whom to blame.)

There is always something BIG in everybody's life going on. Unfulfilling job, Bills,College Loan not paid, Dealing with crappy Boss, Business in problem, Kids being naughtier Family member sick and to add all that there is always NEWS how everything is going downhill.

Small talk some people hate doing that - especially if you are CEO of big companies but it is also remarkably some of this people have been known come and say most humane and simple things. Small Talk is like a grammar for human interaction language. Feels unnecessary and yet helps.

As BIG Things are important in life like University, Work, Colleagues, Deadlines, Getting Married, Having First Child, etc...etc....

English were ambitious when they conquered the whole world. They still like Simple things only because it is more grounding in practicality and relaxing. I am surprised how many our delighted by just having Tea and Biscuits.  :-) 
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