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Why UK has never said Sorry to India and UK never would ? Why it doesn't matter now.

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Despite supposedly good manners of English. They might say "Sorry!" to everyone they bump into or 20 times but as we know Britain hasn't and will not apologize to India.

England take great pride in their manners  in making queue, saying please and thank you but these were the same people who were savaging people few centuries ago.

Like 2 Sides of Coin there are ofcourse more than 2 points when it comes to discussion on why UK must apologize to world for slavery and colonialism

Why India thinks they should be apologized ?

1)  Recount of Atrocities and History Books in Schools :  As an Indian everyone studies of history and somehow learn about atrocities Britain as a nation carried out. If Past needs to be forgotten one has to forget past atrocities however it isn't possible from

2)   India had helped England in War :  While helping England, India went into heavy debts and it had happened while restricting growth of India

4) They came as Traders and than they rule our country : This is a very common statement being said when talked about Britain and British. That somehow they cheated us and we were helpless. 

5) Gandhiji was not allowed on train : Despite many people in Britain do not understand why certain people feel so strongly about UK should apologize. This is an epitome of racism and everyone for very long time worried about coming to UK. When a great leader like Gandhi who was quiet prominent in freedom fighting was treated badly how can other people be treated well.  This story had gone offline viral.

Why Britain doesn't think they should apologize to India ? 

1)  Traders not Nation: 
A man who was a trader who came to India and it wasn't whole nation in the beginning who came to India and tried to take over India. He was also asked by Indian Kings that they needed tax to be collected by British.

2)  Britain think they invented India :  As there were good things which did really come form colonization and English who are most proud of Railway lines which were created and English Language which was taught. However by dividing Bharat Britain thinks they invented India. Britain was also colonized by Romans and thus they think that if past was supposed to be acknowledged and repeated.

3) UK for very long gave aid to India : It was hard earned tax payer money was being given to India. UK gave aid to India and only recently it has stopped because India asked it to stop.

4)  Corruption in India : Britain do not think that things like Kohinoor should be given to
This is an excuse as well as reality that in India there is corruption and to which country they should give Kohinoor. Despite there are some other nations like Hungary who gave back all the stolen money and jewels from Dutch colonies.

5)  UK National Identity at risk : Unfortunately while they have been accommodating immigrants
 from all over the world and apart from having a very subtle way to show patriotism. UK National Identity Crisis as it would be wrong to show overtly patriotism like Americans do it.  Thus sometimes it does lead to having a

There are more Indian events, channels and languages is being used day to day than English itself even in UK. Their National Health Service and Schools are filled with literature of Indian and other languages.

4) Class system in UK : It wasn't that all British are / were rich it was only some of them.

5) Not have all information : 

6) Sacrifice on both side : 


India needs to grow up  :  India doesn't need an approval of  Britain every time they do something.
Despite Britain is extremely good in making commentaries including Cricket Sports for India as it is futile.

India has rich culture and values : Despite how restrictive they seem or old fashioned,

India deals diversity much better than UK: 

Little Racism : UK isn't a racist country and during daily life in work, commute one barely sees it. There is of course paranoia and also fear from both end which doesn't help
However like in any country there are people who are extremists group.Paranoia of such happening can lead to thinking that there is racism. Also cross cultural aspects can lead people to believe that they aren't being treated the way normally they would.

Mock India : Mocking is part of UK Culture to deflect blame and it has nothing to do mocking with immigrants or India.

Associated Guilt and Pain felt by Britain : Most UK National when I speak to they are not very happy with what has happened

East India Company : Instead of  Old English Company which was ruled by British the new country is  This company is currently is by an Indian selling teas, coffees, gifts and fine food.

Very large portion of UK population is Indian : 

Gandhi statue in Tavistock, London : 

UK Welcomes Narendra Modi : 

In a debate one can become impartial or unbias when one can see things from both perspective, as truth is somewhere in the middle.
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