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Things to do while renting Property in Auckland

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Things to do while renting Property in Auckland

It is fairly straight forward and easy to get Hostels or being in Serviced Apartment. It comes as a complete surprise that renting an apartment in Auckland was way difficult  than we expected. Renting or buying Property isn't always easy. It is already complex process and you do expect a nice Property Agent who is willing to give you support and service. However it isn't always easy to get the same and it is essential that you do fair bit so that the whole process is easier for everyone.

It became nightmare since we were expecting much more easy to deal nicer property Agents. See for more details Top 12 things Property Agents in Auckland have got it wrong.

  • Get your documents up to date : If you have just newly moved from overseas to New Zealand.  Get your previous landlord Reference Letter ready, Get permission from your previous Landlord that they are ok to be contacted by e-mail / phone , be willing to give (preferably color copy )of your Credit Card ,Driving License, if you have newly joined an Employment then Letter, somebody in New Zealand to give reference as well. If you have been living in hotel or hostel. Keep track of those details as well it might come handy to give reference or just to write on application form.

                          Even if you do all this there is no guarantee that your agent might or might not need other   
                          things.  There can be other documents needed / not needed. Each Property Agent /           
                          Management company seems to have different requirements.

  • Look for the Property on Trademe or other similar  website : Since you are starting out to look at property  in Auckalnd or New Zealand. There are lots of suburbs and it is best for you to determine how far or closer you want to be from your work area. What is your budget? What properties are available in which areas?  Zero down on area or property you are interested in, budget it wisely. Use Google Maps. Look at all the details from what date it is available, when is viewing, is it near to the trains, etc. Your instinctive response is to contact all the agents but  wait.

  • Visit the Neighborhood: It is essential that you walk around the neighborhood and think for yourself and don't do this on viewing day but before that. Go on weekdays just to explore neighborhood and whether you want to be living there.

  • See the pictures carefully: Go back to the website and see more listing in the neighborhood you are interested in. See more pictures clearly as there wouldn't be much difference on what you are going to see and what you are seeing in the pictures. Think about whether you can live in a house which looks like that.

  • Call an agent: With 5-10 good listing you might have found in neighborhood you like. Call the agent of your Top 5 favorite. If there is an advertisement it would be mostly having a viewing .
  • Fix an appointment : Appointment will be mostly Property Agent / Manager telling you when the viewing is available as oppose to when you want to view it. Ask for your convenient time, if it is possible.
  • If you can't agree on the day then start looking for other  properties or call back after couple of weeks to enquire. If it is still available and you still have time it  can be yours but it is long shot.

  • Carry all your documents: Before leaving  the home check if you have all the necessary documents like Reference Letters, Employment Letter, Identity Proof, Financial Proof, etc.
  • Go to location beforehand : If you have been busy and haven't had chance to see neighborhood. Have a look about day before or at least couple of hours back. Think about whether you really want to be here or not. Think about how long it took for you to get there. Think about whether the property you are going to see how much are you interested in. Would you like to fill up application form immediately.

  • Be on Time: I know several people who miss their viewing as they couldn't make it on Tuesday between 4 to 4:10  pm of viewing just because they came to 4:12. If you are using public transport and are new to the place. Take an hour or half an hour more than what Google Maps have been saying.

  • Keep a book handy : Write all the details necessary. Where is the property, what floor, what room no., what furniture is included, what rent includes / does not include as it would be more likely an agent asking you what property did you see.

  • Ask Questions. Don't be shy: No question is stupid and if Property Agent / Manager doesn't know the answer then you are wasting time. I know you would be missing on property because some Property Agent wasn't efficient but even if you do  get him/ her to work with you. What's the point you would have to deal with him for remaining tenure of property.

  • Be prepared to make speedy decisions : Based on what you have read on the net for property, seen in the property, and little what you might have heard from an agent. You have to decide whether the next 6 - 12 months you would like to spend in that property. You would have to make an offer.

  • Fill up Forms aka Give an offer: Are you willing to give offer by filling up form. It is bit silly to fill up form as if you are giving job application but property agents/ managers like you to fill up a form so that have all your details. Most of the other countries do not ask for this however many New Zealand Property Agents and Managers expect you to fill up forms and do Credit Checking. Also at times people do not realize that their budget can go over if they think there are 4 weeks in one month so Monthly rent isn't weekly rent x 4. When actually your Monthly rent would fluctuate depending on how many weeks. Get an average of rent. It would be great idea to check if your budget isn't exceeding.

  • Wait for decision : All the forms are provided to the Property Owner.  Mostly Owner of the property supposedly let's Property Agent know whether they have accepted an offer or not. Property Agent / Manager would come back to you and arrange meeting. Property Agent/ Manager mainly work from Monday- Friday 9 to 5.So it might not be necessarily easy for someone who is in Employment during same hours.

  • Read Contract: No matter how much your agent is in hurry. Go through your Contract how payment has to be made, cancellation of contract, renewing of contract  but most importantly if there would be any changes in the Rent. Do not miss this.

  • Payment : Make the Payment of bond and rent. If you are going to transfer your money every month get your property code. Visit Bank also to understand how long it would take for you to transfer money. Local banks it is usually free but it is worth checking.

  • Get all information about Telephone, Internet, Water, Gas and Electricity:  Information on your new home is going to work is essential. Know what are the last companies and readings for all this services. If you prefer to get this information first then let your Property Agent know.

  • Get Report on your Premises: If your Property Agent/ Manager is good he/she would have written down every mark on the wall, would have made list of what condition every thing is ? What condition your furniture is? As it would come handy when you are leaving the property.

  • Do not forget to Thank your Property Agent / Manager: NO matter how useful or useless your Property Agent / Manager have been. No Matter how impatient they have been throughout their work. They deserve Thank you as they are juggling between various properties. It is ultimately during your stay they are going to help your for other things.

  • Know what is the best way to contact your Property Agent/ Manager :
                         From time to time you would have problem related to property. Not for every small details                                       
                         and there would be major reasons when you have to get back to your Property Agent/
                         Manager. Know your Property Agent preference is how they would like to be contacted.

  • Recommend your Property Agent/ Manager : If you found a gem out there , let everyone know as property business works on word to mouth. What better way to appreciate your hard work but by giving references.
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