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How to communicate with a Scanner ?

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I guess this advice would go to any or most relationship BUT

By this time Scanner should be clear that they are Multi-potentialite, Project Oriented rather Career Oriented People.  Since Career oriented and 9 to 5 job has no problems whatsoever and sensibility would say " DO NOT DISTURB" at work and that would be respected but these 24/7 Workers or 5 to 9 workers are different.

Who are you ? :  Really what is your relationship to Scanner. Are you their Flatmate, Spouse , Partner, Living Together, Sibling, Child,Relative, Social Media Friend, Acquaintance, etc.

Why would it be any different than relationship where we would communicate with other people depending our relationship?

The reason it would be different as there are no clear guidelines and Scanner also do not intentionally know what is expected number of times to communicate.

Some people are happy seeing each other once in 6 months, some are just happy to hear from each other everyday on Social Media, leaving notes at home ,call or text if possible.

Sometimes Scanner are willing to give attention as much as needed. In some cases , even when it affects their work. As flexibility is one of the reason they become Scanner they kind of unknowingly let people walk all over other people by constantly emailing, contacting via phone and be available because friends and family comes FIRST. However when same has been where some think it is ok to take it for granted or not value and think they aren't doing anything useful.

Eventually when Scanner has got a schedule perhaps it might be difficult to change that.   That comes to next point

What Phase of Life they are in ?:    There can be Scanners who has given lot of time and effort and yet it has been rather disappointing experience for some other reasons ( nothing is ever perfect for some) and it has resulted in resentment by either other party hasn't kept up or not appreciated the amount of attention.  Flexible or Not -so -flexible  Attitude on Communication can be for different people.

Sometimes Scanner there is frustration of friends and families who want more to be in contact than they are willing to. Despite it seems Scanners aren't really doing anything as progress is slow however if you look closely they are spinning several plates and when most are busy doing 2 things they are doing 20 things.

Working on Same Project : If  you are perhaps in a Professional setting ofcourse they would be always dedicating time as needed by Project however in Personal Relationship this can get tricky.
Working together with someone close has pros and cons. Relationship and Communication with other people change as priorities change and as relationship grow.

No Monopolizing Time :  Firstly is it really realistic for Scanner to communicate with another Scanner or just anybody everyday,every week, every month or every year ?  Look at your own commitments too, Would it be nice to communicate everyday or something OR you would like to do but wouldn't be able to do ? Thank for their time always.

Focus is F Word : FOCUS is a swear word. When Scanner goal is to be better at being Spinning lots of plates and being really good at it. Focus on doing one thing is basically opposite and in their head their whole world collapses.  Somehow you have just not accepted their whole beautiful world by asking them to narrow down.

Update on Last Project : Sometimes it is great in order to feel close or just to know we ask them specific of whatever last they were doing. Sometimes they have moved on and sometimes working with other piece of work. Are you being invited to problem solve or share enthusiasm? Help problem solve but don't be too strict about it. As we all have our own fears and issues to work with or even vision on how to solve same problem.  If not, then asking about a problem and giving input or negative input can actually harm Scanner. If you are asking for neither best would be to wait until they want to talk about their work.

So say for an instance, somebody enjoys creating flower pressed earrings or men flower neckties.
If you are person who likes to buy branded products and despite they want to be independent designer/retailer they are never going to make it into a full fledged Brand. They do not have same vision. It could be other way too like said Scanner are interested in Branded thing and you as a person are anti - Brand as it seems phony.

Are you non-judgemental and open ?: It isn't enough to be one but are you able to gain trust and confidence for somebody to open up.  That involves not to push for answers but stay in peace of uncertainty and enjoy the moment of chaos /uncertainty. Stop pressing for answers and Start Listening.

Are you control freak ? :  It only matters whether one needs to take decisions which would affect their life. There are times when it is imperative to have answers like what time and where we are going ? They become imperative after certain time. However the amount one needs to know when can differ. Sometimes it is good that somebody want to know 6 months in advance exact details on where some event is however it isn't same time frame for others who would be happy to drop everything next day as they value relationship so much. Some people would abhor having to already decide what is going to happen 6 months and plan so ahead in time!

Not all activity done by Scanner has an end result of creating lot of money, fame or even to problem solve it. Sometimes it is just understanding the problem to make sense in other part of their life.  
Not want to talk about work : Some days Scanner just doesn't want to talk or share as question arises where do they start from and after how many hours would they stop, maybe there are other parts of life. Sometimes it is just best to "BE". Maybe Scanner / Entrepreneur realizes limitation of certain person and thus might not open up for advice. 

Want Advice /  Not want advice :  It would be wrong for people to think Scanner don't like advice. It is just that there is just so much information and so much advice on finger tips.Scanner needs advice and if they did they would talk to people whom they feel easy to talk to or who are well qualified to do so. Not one person is capable to provide all information and it would be crazy to think one person has all answer. Sometimes Scanner just enjoy researching and looking for advice on the internet as it is impartial, unbiased and where they do not have to argue about what they agree and not agree about something or justify their whole belief system.

Encourage and do not discourage :  I feel more and more people are open to this new lifestyle business or money makers as it is not new. It used to happen previously where Baker was in his shop with his family downstairs where his children are running around with his wife. However this is little new in terms of same Baker has another 10 things going on.  One needs to keep up with Scanner and their ideas. They aren't going to fit in your idea of let me know his/her occupation and understand them there and connect with them.Scanner asks you to look beyond a potential of putting them in a box or employ them into something.

Maybe Scanners are just looking for that mental connection where anything can be spoken and discussed under the sun. Let them lead you to their beautiful mind and beautiful world. Only your attitude would show whether they would like to unravel their world to you or not. Sometimes you would have better ideas per say, but whether it is best idea for them or not is only Scanner would be able to decide.

Respect Their Choices and Make Some for yourself : This is where it gets really interesting!  Sometimes other people's choices can really affect our life and sometimes they take decision for you. It does hurt when they affect.

True Question: How much THEIR Choices are affecting YOUR Choices? AND Should it ?
If it is then it is time for you to make your own choices so that their choices doesn't affect you.

People do not want always best solution to a problem. They want solution which works for them.

A person can be  accustomed to write with Pen and Paper, Typewriter, Computer or Tablet.
and there can be always requirement which changes and which leads to change. Where today Government Forms have to be filled online otherwise they won't be taken and that has lead to many are forced to adapt.

Just because it is NEW and IMPROVED OR Your way is better it doesn't mean they want to change it. It doesn't have to be for everybody. Sometimes some people need more prodding. Sometimes not. It boils down to different people take different paths and are constantly making choices based on what they think is right for them at that given time. Sometimes problem are created in their life because of their lifestyle and choices. Thus only they can change it when they think it is necessary.

We create PROBLEMS in our own life by choices we make.
So that we can find SOLUTIONS and in all that we find ourselves
and EXPRESS Our True self which is even hidden from our Current Self.

It is one's little quirks and flaws make them who they are. Scanners or Humans in general we are not logical and if we were we would have PERFECT World driven by Logic, Rules and with no place for error and most importantly no emotions.

Do not hang on to their choices for you to make your choices.

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