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New Uncle and Aunt Guide for Newborn Baby

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Guess what ? You have realized that you are Uncle or Aunt. 
You are completely unsure on what to do ?
Maybe you are one of those pros who already were expecting this day.

If you have just realized that your sister or your sister in law is pregnant and apart from Congratulations ! you would like to buy them a gift however before you do that there are few things you need to know or take care of. 

1. Show Enthusiasm 

After endless night of trying or by accident and unless  your sister / sister in law is considering abortion a pregnant woman needs lot of support and enthusiasm.  So if couple has said it to you or your sister or sister in law make sure you have practised  in front of mirror the enthusiasm you would show. You can surely give 10,0000 pragmatic reasons on how expensive it would be, how it would change her life and more importantly you are just about to realize how your life is going to change as an Uncle and Aunt.  Your new job is "Cheerleading".

2. Know what do you want to do 

You could be either super cool Uncle / Aunt who knows exactly how to tell what temperature bath should be or willing to drop everything for Baby sitting or you are one of those who is petrified to break a baby or not sure how to hold it. It would be great idea to start practising with a fake doll if you are really scared. However babies are very strong so do not worry about it. At the same time any notion of throwing baby high in the sky and catching them perhaps isn't the best idea and for that baby isn't very strong. 

3.  Know what parents-to-be would like you to do during pregnancy. 

Be supportive and be there however do not jump in with lots of advice if you are one of those Uncles/ Aunts who haven't had children then you are perfect parents who is about to prove wrong. You might be able to have better grips on things however person who hasn't even been in water tries giving advice for swimming doesn't suit well. If you are one of those Uncles/ Aunts who have already had children and not had recent child respect their way of raising and dealing with child and if your children were born 5 years ago things have already changed and moved on. 

4.  Know whether parents to be want to know Gender or not and whether they would like to share or not
( Between Getting Pregnancy News to 21 week scan )

Most Parents in UK have an option to know Baby Gender between 18-21 however depending on personal preferences some couples like to not know baby's gender as they would like to keep it surprise for themselves. Some to-be-parents not tell or wait until baby is born. Some parents however started telling their friends and family in a special way (American way) like baking goodies on Blue or Pink. Either by Balloons or so forth. Wait for that announcement do not start hounding to know gender by the time it is 18 weeks.

5. Throw a Baby Shower. ( 22 weeks to 35 weeks) 

Despite being American tradition it is starting to be extremely common for people to bring together their friends and family or especially women friends together for Baby Shower. Help pregnant women to throw Baby Shower and pamper her with spa treatments or any of the food she craves.
If parents haven't revealed gender then this could also lead perhaps they might want to reveal gender.
Baby Shower is also a great to shower with pregnant women to show you care with gifts, decorating and organizing event. 

 6. Listen any health concerns parents to be might have. ( 0 weeks to 40 weeks)

Do not ask but listen and acknowledge. Pregnant women most biggest worry is whether her to be child or baby in her belly is growing and healthy. Do not tell horror stories or cautionary tales. However anything you can do to reassure would be great and that include taking cloth shopping, baby shopping or for dinner out or just taking something good to eat all would be welcome.

7.  Ask whether they would like to name Baby before or after Baby is born. ( 0 weeks to 40 weeks+ )

Some parents already decide on name weeks and months ago. Sometimes they stick to or even change after seeing baby.  Do not press for Baby names but ask if they wanted any suggestion or help with Baby Name. However do remember even if you occasionally played and babysat you aren't the one who is going to clean nappies everyday, breastfeed child everyday and wait until baby grows up to go university thus giving name can be sometimes you are trying to take more credit than work you are willing to do. Do not be dishearten if your suggestion wasn't given but be thrilled if they even consider it. If parents to be seem determined and would stick to name then perhaps Personalized Gift would go very well. 

8.  Ask when they would like to see you on or after birth of New Born Baby or if they have any naming ceremony they are planning. ( 35 weeks to 40 weeks + )

Some to be parents are happy to share joy of baby being born on the same day even in hospital and depending how close in distance and in relationship you are and your work commitments you  can be welcome for a very short while with few goodies like gifts, balloons and flowers.

However hospital discharges pregnant women unless complication fairly quickly and if you are advised to go to hospital on the day than see to it that you can be there on that day.  Give yourself that first initial time to see your nephew or niece for first time but if you are intending to see more of them later than perhaps you can see them then. 

Remember but most parents like to take time to get reacquainted as a couple and baby and their new family unit which might have gone from 2 to 3. It is a massive change when they have had an excitement of newborn baby, pregnancy nervousness, birth and actually understand this new screaming baby, new mother is worried about breastfeeding or survival of this new born baby. 

Some families do naming ceremony or christening after few months depending on their religion and tradition.Once again be flexible and do not sound that they must do. See what as a couple parents want to do. 

9. Ask whether they would like you to  Babysit ( Newborn baby born to until baby is 18 years ) 

Without getting too involved in birth and especially if you are bloke you wouldn't be shared lots about pregnancy or birth. If you are that lucky aunt who would be happy to be near birthing pool with saying sister "Breathe! you can do it" whatever your circumstances you can show your sentiments by small gifts or Babysitting vouchers.  

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