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Why is this generation so focused on social justice and identity (race, gender, preference, etc.)?

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Firstly this generation means Millennials. Millennials (also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates when the generation starts and ends; most researchers and commentators use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

I love being Millennial. Reason being we are simply cool ! 

We think about #YOLO and #selfies but at the same time we are pioneers in living a different world. 

Globalization v/s Nationalist  :  With cheap flights , internet and Skype being dirt cheap we can communicate with anyone within seconds. We are not only buying Chinese socks and German cars but we are also going to Beer Fest and knowing what is our Chinese Animal Sign.  While our previous generation had seen wars and cold wars we are real peacekeepers and understand bigger problems which are terrorist , environment, poverty,etc. which are no longer only one country problem.

Culture Exchange : Through easy movement of people, from our previous generation we are open to culture exchange and cross cultural exchange despite it does create lots of problems of it's own. It is indeed common to have different viewpoints and several point of views on same subject.

Collaboration at work place :   It is very common that people from different culture, race and gender work together hand in hand in various different work industry whether it is science, education, technology or medical. The collaboration helps to solve several problems.

Greater Understanding and Empathy : Due to proximity in distance and also intellectually it has made it possible for everyone to understand each other's perspective, position or circumstances.  Internet helps us to debate, argue, rectify and come to good conclusion about past. Sometimes there has been heinous and most tragic incidence has happened. Despite our generation hasn't incurred or witnessed this there is definitely associated guilt and associated pain.

Cross Cultural Friends and Families :  It is no longer understanding a person from another foreign country in far far land. There is a greater understanding as people who come from foreign country sometimes are the ones your friends and families whom you are married or spending most of your time with.

Identity Crisis : With so much connectivity and information there is a problem of identity crisis. How much do you adapt or not adapt in this diversity while being good human or good global citizen?  

Era of Social Media :  Our previous generations got their information on TV and told them what to think or who you are. Current generation is - let me tell you who I am and we have several ways to inform people about our opinions and our views whether it is social media,etc...etc... When our last generation thought that same knowledge and opportunities aren't given to everyone today with helps of google and facebook more open and easy communication has been among everybody.  

Greater Understanding leads to Greater Soul Searching : When our last generation celebrated war heroes. Our current and next generations would celebrate social entrepreneurs, philanthropist and peacekeepers. Our generation has been looking ways in which social justice is at forefront as there is in some ways understanding of previous mistakes.  
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