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Dark Fairies or Dark Guardian Angels ?

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I am really not sure about right word here or I can't think of any folklore or character or goddess.
I don't know whether you call them Dark Guardian Angels or Dark Fairies ?

However I feel there are times when people who are there to shake you by our core/ they give you immense pain and pleasure.
It is almost compulsive for people who are doing shaking to listen to their intuition, to communicate and bring to other person's attention.

Pain which one can never understand however they also are the same people who are overlooking you as YOU remind part of them.As humans we are more keen to change something because of pain.

There is immense love however there is immense anger, sadness and pain too.

They come when they notice you, you are so off your path that they come and shake you.
They tell you about path which you haven't taken in your life.
They are also glad when you are on course and when you are there, they are happy to leave.

I know people who feel like that for me and I also know people for whom I feel like that.

It is actually very magical ! and shows how universe is so connected in life.
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