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Why Jammu and Kashmir isn't Hindu and Muslim issue but a Global and Inter faith issue ?

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I have to write this down as I have had headache from listening to all the experts yesterday who took chance to commemorate killing of Kashmiri Pandits 19th Jan, 1990.

We are talking here about Kashmir and not Cashmere.

After listening to most of the panel what was extremely exciting was how it all started.

In 1947 , the first speaker talked about  Maharaja Hari Singh King whose wish it was that Jammu and Kashmir should remain a neutral state and not join India or Pakistan.

The letter was written to both Indian and Pakistan. Pakistan had agreed to it whereas India had taken longer time to reply. While they were waiting for India to respond Pakistan had send a really big group of  Kabbadis who did lot of bad things like looting and raping. India didn't have maps or infrastructure however dam which was destroyed stopped.

Then there are several dates after that when war between India and Pakistan has gone on 1967 and 1989 and so forth where war was ongoing.

However what was more exciting knowing about Jammu and Kashmir was that people aren't just from Hindu or Muslim faith. They were Buddhists, Christians,etc.etc... That talks about true India. True Democracy where people could have different religion and yet they lived together.

Bob UK MP agreed that when Britain left their colonies, they left with lot of uncertainty and unfinished business.

However failed to mention that it was wrong of Britain to divide country based on their RELIGIOUS FAITH. It is plain wrong to divide people on their religion backgrounds. This was a small error but a big mistake. Jinah was very clever to take advantage of the same.

So to answer why Jammu and Kashmir it is Global Issue ?

Apart from obvious that if India and Pakistan went war it would be WWIII and geo political Issue

BUT J&K is currently occupied by

Islamic Majority Country Pakistan
Hindu Majority Country India
Atheist Country China
and is being intervened by and advice by Christian Majority Country.
Do not forget though India has more Muslims than Pakistan has.

I was surprised by when people talked about Islam Supremacy however it has always been
Christian who has had this moral high ground when in actuality Christanity has resulted in Religious Supremacy.

One True God
One Savior and every Westerner think that they are supposed to save

In the name of saving we have seen what has been done in Iraq. That should be enough to tell how clueless and stupid they are.

Islam need to be given respect which it always deserved and propaganda should be stopped.As when there are enough news and media to confirm negativity, they are working from much lower level and has to dug up to even have a mutual respect and trust. What do you expect people are going to do ? If you call them Barbarians then they are. If they are Terrorist then they are.

Perhaps radicalization is leading because they have to fight and defend their own beliefs.
When there is need to be RIGHT that is when problems arise. 

So far I have only seen Islam Ahmadiyya which are " PEACEFUL ISLAM" and they are being criticized by their own religious group. I think that is most important when people not only in Islam but also for people in other religion can understand Islam.

Let me also clarify having Religion and Spiritual side is important to any country. They are the great moral codes however what I am trying to say when we say one is better than others it always causes problems.

Despite I am not an Expert in this here are scenarios that come with Jammu and Kashmir. 

1. China takes over whole of Jammu and Kashmir:  This would be completely unfair however it would be most peaceful for the entire region as they are religious neutral country. There would be no further problem with religion. However China has it's own problems in Xin Jiang with growing Muslims and Buddhism in Tibet. That is the challenge for them whether to include religion or not.

2. India takes back Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan Nepal, Bangladesh Bhutan and creates Bharat : Current Indians Ministers want that they become into one true original nation what it used to be or it used to be called Bharat. Somehow UK MP agreed with India doing so as they are economically growing and has been responsible. However that involves Pakistan and neighboring countries accept their defeat.  I know many Indians feel that they should have Jammu and Kashmir as it was head or crown of their country. The truth is head/ego is already bruised and into pieces.

3. Pakistan takes Jammu and Kashmir :  This is also a possibility and should be taken into account. Despite what people think Pakistan also have every right to take Jammu and Kashmir. The belief that it doesn't which world media believes is wrong. India sees itself  thinks as a Mother and Pakistan as a child. Let's assume J&K as a food however that doesn't mean that a piece of food who can have it more. The true answer is they both can fully have it.

4. Jammu and Kashmir has reached it's True potential :  Perhaps like a true Democratic State it has been occupied by Pakistan, China and India. As long as people do not cheat or try to move current borders it has reached it's true potential. Somehow division however unfair has been made and it is exactly where it is. After speaking to Col. yesterday he has confirmed that there is already a progress that people are living far more peacefully than they had. Like everything in Asia perhaps it is chaotic perhaps it isn't perfect as it used to be.

5. Jammu and Kashmir be neutral state and power be given to people :
Sometimes first instincts are the best ones and initial king wishes should have been carried on. When I asked yesterday for neutral state of Jammu and Kashmir everybody seemed to have laughed off ,thinking it is impossible.

My reasons for asking neutral state were, there are many reasons this would never happen from social, economical,politcal,etc :

i. Original Wishes: Nobody was better to know future of his people than King who wished for it. He knew very well Indians and Pakistanis. He didn't wanted to belong maybe it was just black and white.

ii.  Stop Religious War : I feel so much money, time , emotions and energy has been invested by India, Pakistan and world doesn't realize that it is yielding nothing and just on the name of Religion. There are people in India and abroad on the name of Religion somehow justify their cruel actions.

iii. Power to People : When Government and other Governments who are busy creating crumbersome structures. I was offended  as an Indian when first time their were elections in Jammu and Kashmir as we all felt so strongly that J&K should be part of our country. However in all this we forget the whole world is trying to make a decision for people who live there. Ministers in far away land who doesn't even understand them.

iv. Malice of West : West wants Indian and Pakistan to fight so that their nuclear weapons get sold.  Fortunately or Unfortunately everyone is loaded now with it. They create problems and then give solutions.

v. True Inter faith State or Country : If we were being attacked by Aliens we would forget what country we come from or what religion background we come from and until we are going to define ourselves with identity like country we come from and religious belief we have. If earth had no country and no religion we wouldn't be worried about J&K.  It would be perfectly normal part of world where people of different faith lived together.

vi. New Peaceful Identity : It is a wrong belief that 2 opposing things can not stay together. Despite how much India can be counted as great diversity perhaps it isn't entirely how Pakistan feels about J&K. Once again we should respect that. 

vii. Self Governance: Everyone has capability to be great despite of their past or their size.
This is what Jammu and Kashmir is

    Area222,236 km²
    Population12.55 million (2011)
    CapitalsJammu (Winter), Srinagar (Summer)

If there can be a small Island like UK  who took over the world surely there can be a Country size of Jammu and Kashmir. If people of Jammu and Kashmir irrespective of their faith and previous nationality can start afresh and their goals be social and economical development rather than territorial they can be helped to self govern.

Jammu and  Kashmir is bit like a bad child custody battle between 2 Divorcing parents i.e. 
India and it would be wrong to ask parents to be good to each other
get the things back to as they were or
for a child to ask whom he wants to be taken care by
but when a child becomes an adult these questions perhaps wouldn't remain.

Thus maybe it is essential to have Jammu & Kashmir to stand on their own feet. 

Rehabilitation of Refugees:  Maybe UN can come to some conclusion where both India and Pakistan can have a temporary period of time when it helps the region for self governance and rebuilt rather than trying to destroy it. However that would need lot of selfless giving up from all the 3 countries like India, China and Pakistan and perhaps end of Cold War too.

Finished / Unfinished Business :  It is yet to see which of the scenarios work out whether Jammu and Kashmir business is finished or unfinished and what scenarios would take place and can only be governed by future challenges/opportunities.A bit like Schrodingers Cat !

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