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Why we should stop asking children to be Doctor and Engineers but ask them to be Creative Entrepreneurs who should be paid generously ?

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Kids enthusiasm is so cool ! Infact I would love for them to come up with some new titles.

I recently answered  Question about Parents being very unhappy about their daughter in relationship / dating with an Artist.

When did pursuing art became same as a freeloader. Art doesn't pay and if so we as society should change not people who pursue it.If women chooses to marry an artist then it is her choice. I know 2 women who both support their Artist husband with pride, it is/was hard but it is possible. Perhaps we should stop asking our children to be Teacher, Doctor, MBA and Engineer as we need them but we also need Singers, Dancers, Actors,Filmmakers, Dreamweavers,Entrepreneurs, Religious priests,etc for society to run who help to make life worth living and truly keep our culture going. As at the end of the day when we go back home from work we unwind in front of television and yes we all need food on table but food for our soul doesn't come cheap !!!  I am sure there is certain balance or business acumen most Artist should pursue art with  and that opens how artist feel about money and relationship with it. We as society should Value Arts more and respect people who pursue it. Maybe you do not have Mozart in your living room but we do not expect every Doctor to be Special !!! or Brain Surgeon to check our flu. We get sub quality health treatment or teaching and we still end up paying but we would make lot of fuss at handmade if it was little broken or ad film of 3 minutes made with meagre budget and 100 people. We spend hours rubbishing X Factor hopefools who stand in a queue to get 1 chance to get 1 in life time chance while we sit and watch hours and hours rubbishing them. Art is soul's food and we as society should realize that we are doing great injustice. We keep wondering why are songs are getting with nasty words and people like Kim K are on the front page but to be honest who want to be ridiculed and be butt of jokes of people who are never going to be in front of audience.

Artist were treated as Gods but today they are treated as dirt, waiters or doing menial jobs and they really do not know where there next meal is coming from. Who is responsible for this, that we as society we do not teach Artist how to make money ? Are we saying as a society that unless you become successful overnight on Day One without learning your craft, you should get paid work and if you aren't you are rubbish ! When in reality deciding whether somebody's Art is good or not it is subjective and it is as subjective having a doctor's appointment or having a class by teacher. However despite their soddy and rudimentary skills we pay them. We refuse to pay or cast Artist until they are really good. We criticize Art when we should embrace it as it makes our life better.
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