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Update Post : What is happening after Brexit ?

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25th June, 2016 :  I saw it was 48% Remain in the morning and assume that Remain has won. I re-checked and it was 48% Remain from total Turnout of 72% or something...
However I missed crucial information of 52% said Leave. It hadn't sink in to me what it meant until afternoon.

- It was been quoted as Independence Day by Nigel Farage.
- It seems nobody has plan on how to run the country.
- London should have their own currency and their own territory and M25 as border (joke)
- Scottish in a very good position as they could be re-negotiating terms with EU.

26th June, 2016 :
- Older and Younger Generation Debate.
- Lambeth the most Remain Council.
- Nicola Sturgeon still wants to be part of UK.
- Talks about Second Referendum.
- Not leaving EU atleast until 2019 but January is the month.

27th June, 2016 :
-  It is business as usual people can go to work and Travel reassured by Borris Johnson
- Very strong likelihood that Borris Johnson is going to be next PM.
- Financially still very strong said George Osborne
- Hate Crime and Racism increase covered by BBC.
- Looking for Loopholes to stop Brexit.
- Labour Shadow Cabinet have no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn.

28th June, 2016 :
- People feeling from EU feeling very vulnerable especially Polish.
- Lots of previous attacks on them.
- People still in shock and haven't understood how important their vote was or what it meant.
- Nigel Farage offends EU Leaders by telling them " He is having last laugh" and they haven't done day's work.
- Scotland has not disappoint EU

29th June, 2016 :
- Jeremy Corbyn refused to step down despite his Cabinet has resigned
- Stephen Crabb has been announced as one of candidates to race for Conservative Party Leader .

30th June, 2016
- Borris Johnson rules out as Tory Leader

03 July, 2016
-  No leaders has been selected on both Parties.

-------------------------------------------------* Initial Shock subsides * -----------------------------------------

04 July,2016
- Just when we thought it couldn't get any more shocking Nigel Farage resigns from UKIP

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