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Movie Review : La La Land - Ending Explained

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I recently met a wonderful girl and we had wonderful conversation about writing. I sat in a room full of 100s of people and person next to me is the only person  whom I really need to talk to on How writing helps and as usual I asked lots of questions.  I love her even though I have only seen her once and I look forward to see her work one day finished as I think it would really help lot of people.

I am writing in response to this wonderful blogposts

We both agree nothing happen by coincidence.

What is good about La La Land?

Apart from obvious it is set in LA and it has lovely music dancing and singing.
La LaLand despite shot in most cheesy way and have over the top animation.

Real : Movie is real. In real life, most Love Stories do not have happy ending.

American Dream : It also talks lot of reality of life of actor,pianist, hollywood and struggles they both had. Mia and Sebastin

Crossroads :  It talks about cross roads in everyone life and how making different choices would have let them live different life. Despite I believe that you fight for things you REALLY want. I also feel that there are sometimes circumstances which are beyond our control. (a bit coward approach! which I don't agree with but sometime shit happens !) Everything happens for a reason ! I don't see it that way always and I question so much but in the end everything always makes sense.

Choices :  Despite Mia and Sebastian love each other they both could have made different choices and  they both equally were selfish or career driven and they both helped each other in their life whether Sebastian taking Mia to that acting audition or whether Mia telling Sebabstian about Jazz bar.

Amazing Ending : I would only see that movie all over again just for that movie ending. As much as we really want happy ending sometimes reality isn't that happy.  It was sad that Mia and Sebastian couldn't be together but had they made different choices they would be in different situation, perhaps Sebastian would be driving her to some Jazz club and they would live happily ever after or they could have been really incompatible and end up killing each other. Who knows?

Closure : It is essential for lovers to get closure to have that one correspondence, one sentiment and that one look. This isn't always possible as how ugly couple might have left or they find it overwhelming to give that closure due to various reasons.  Sometimes that's all relationship need and people need to move on. There is this one scene where Mia is horrified to see Sebastian after being successful actress and having husband and child. Seeing Sebastian in his own Jazz club but they both give each other one last look which said so much from "Everything is okay!" , " You would be alright!" , " I am alright!"  I guess lots of couples got closure by relating with actors. Hopefully lots of broken heart got mended, healed or got closure  and thus I think people liked this movie.

P.S: You wouldn't believe while I am writing this in a pub on TV  there is song of La La Land. :-)

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