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Why what women wear has no indication on how free she is or how easy she is ?

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I recently was talking to an Irish woman who has lived in Qatar for couple of years and come back after many years to UK. I can sense that she didn't feel it was free because what she was asked to wear.

I laugh at Western Women who think they are free !!! and who thinks that being able to wear less clothes have anything to do with how free they are. Ofcourse for any MEN here is the thing Women has CHOICE on what to wear however how you interpret is upto you.

Western women are made to believe or think that they are more free because of what they wear.

However they have social rules which are unspoken like wear beachwear on beach. Cocktail Dinner when they go to dinner party. Ofcourse Season's weather dictate what they wear too.
Social rules somehow dictate what shouldn't one wear.

When open and liberal country like France decided Women ban hijab or religious things, France as a country is no longer open or liberal.

There are no Female American President until now.
Nobody informs until very long women in UK weren't allowed to buy their own property.

There is also a reverse complaint by Foreign Women

Many Indian Men who are surprised when they realize that Foreign women whom they had seen in Hollywood Movie or porn when coming to foreign country despite smiling aren't necessarily going to sleep with them. It is almost saying just because Bollywood movies are in certain way every Indian is like our Triple Khans or something like we all are dancing around trees.

This has also lead to believe that Indian Men are losers who don't get girl or don't know how to get a girl due to over generalization in American Cinema.

However I suppose what should be tolerated and what shouldn't be tolerated is a massive question to Western World.

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