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Kaangda badhe kalaj hoi che. All Crows are Black everywhere.... India or UK ? Same problems around the world

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Kaangda badhe kalaj hoi che. All Crows are Black everywhere....

This is a famous saying in Gujarati one of my dearest friend says when I tell about  Life in Britain, family structures and more importantly People and compared with India. There aren't much differences in fact similarity.

Despite what people in India or around the world believe that UK and USA. Countries like that are prosperous , rich and somehow too goo to be true are actually same.

Manners and People: Not everyone supposedly are polite or sensitive. Perhaps there is a decorum and certain rules however people tell each other things.
I am surprised when some dear  friends of mine have said that " Oh ! English must be very polite ! " but truth is in close relationship they aren't sensitive or nice to each other. Things which people say indirectly are worse than they say directly.

Small Mindedness: There are always people who are not very worldly, they haven't seen the world and they think there way is right way but it isn't. Sometimes everyone has some information via TV, Film or other things however they haven't gone and experienced it.

Rich and Poor : People think that certain countries are rich however it is easier for smaller countries to keep everyone fed however the  gap between rich and poor are the same.  Despite people not being able to see rich and poor in Western Countries they are very nicely organized. There are rich suburbs and poor suburbs. Just because poor people aren't on road begging in Western Countries but there are Homeless people and charities who are barely able to take care of these poor people.

Infrastructure:  Whether it is Indian trains which are crowded or London tube. Ofcourse in certain ways Western Countries had head start in building their infrastructure and India had no infrastructure
built. However UK struggles with their growing demand and India is building their  new infrastructure and it would be much harder for UK to built these.

False Sense of Security : However there is a major difference is how much people are aware of  these problems within their country and outside. When their is a tube strike in London when Unions are asking for raise what happens on UK TV is that there is documentary on how crowded Indian trains on prime time. Unfortunately India doesn't get " Benefits Street " on national prime time to tell them how much worse your life could be.

Security and Safety of Women :  

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