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Why remembering somebody Birthdays and Anniversaries is least one can do ? Less Drama, More Love [ clears throat - More for men ;-) ]

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We live in very interesting times.
I am stealing this from one of my friends

" We expect things to be modern but we also expect things to be traditional."

This barrage of expectation makes it especially impossible to please anybody. Let alone your ownself.

I am very keen to talk about Birthdays and Anniversaries - not because as Men might think that why Women would want them to remember. So Strict or so annoying !
Guess what on top of it Valentine's Day as well. OMG. How many days one has to remember and truth is not that many. We do not do 3 months, first date anniversary. Nobody should unless they are into things like that.

Thankfully my husband remembers when it is my birthday and our anniversaries.
More than me. He remembers his birthday more as he gets 3 more texts to remind him it is his birthday which is automated and unnecessary. ( Then again there are 3 other people who have birthday same day as him.)

Not generalizing but this is how things are sometimes we do not realize that how much it is essential until we don't get it - bit like air. At the end of all we all want to FEEL SPECIAL ! in our own life and in life of others.

OR maybe not. Some Men are happy not being wished on their birthdays or care very little as there are just SO many people wish them that it feels bit all too much.

Just generally or Male friends I have , they do care about being treated specially on their Birthdays.

Thus their friends, girlfriends or wives seem to do everything for them and their partners just fairly want same from their partners. So if your other half has spent enough time to decorate, or book hotel and flights or bought a gift or done anything special and then expect you to do same and if you have had done half assed effort. Ofcourse then you have no right to moan or complaint and be ready to hear music.

1) Either you start planning better EVERYTHING as good or better than your partner. Don't Tell Bride anyone ?
2) Either your jokes are lame so are your efforts. Take some personal responsibility
3) Are you giver/taker ?

It really leaves a bad taste when Men doesn't return the favor. However at times it doesn't come naturally Men species to return the favor  - 1) Feeling of entitlement  2) just generally they have very short lived memory unlike women who remembers everything with emotions 3) just pure laziness 4) they really don't care enough to do the same as they do not feel there would be any consequences.  

We all are at times bad reciever so we give so that we expect. Not always but somewhere we do when we do something. It could be as simple as getting a compliment, being appreciated, being felt needed,etc....etc...or we expect people do same for us when we need to.

Given how complicate relationships can be.
Some relationships fizzle out and they are left with like nothing - nothing. BIG NO !
- like do something interesting / maybe absolutely nothing. Least Women asks is  " Can you wish me on my birthday ?"
I was very surprised when somebody forgets that as well.

There is honestly nothing else Men / Women could do but set aside one day and 5 minutes of their time to make people feel special. As at the end of it we all need that little care and ego boost.
Men would do nothing more than pleasing Women but would complaint about doing something once a year for 5 minutes.

What would be better " Oh ! you remember. " loving words and arms of your partner
OR " Damn ! Why can you not remember ? "

Not even friends and at times I have been told by other friends same thing " You remembered ! "

Technology has made it easier than ever with Google Calendar
Facebook Reminders 
and an amazing startup called Forgetful Mr.

Beware ! some sneaky people tend to not put their birthdays or even real birthdays on Facebook so that you have to work harder to figure them out. LOL !

Sorry guys most women remember their Dates.Unfortunately how much Men hate but if you see it as a fun game rather than calculate everything to money or task it is so boring !

Sometimes Work and Task can be fun too.
That is why Women get even more smarter and introduced to Astrology. It is easier to think 12 Signs and just remember more about during which month it is. So Women can be better organized and already fishing for things which you want.In any relationship what is important? Give people exactly what they want. Men aren't suppose to believe in it. Some Men take great pride in not believing in it. It is not so systematic but fun exercise of knowing and learning someone but most importantly just remember their birthdays.

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