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Why despite being open,liberal and all-for-multi-culturalism yet think Brexit is answer to Britain's woes?

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After silent and yet not so silent support of my husband to REMAIN - In. He is convinced and has no doubt of his vote to remain in and against Brexit.  His Facebook Post talks about Remain in and EU Referendum more and more.

People who live in Spain says that Britain should exit Europe.
To which people in UK say " You have not lived in the country for 2 decades"  shouldn't have a say.

Unfortunately they do and I being from India have also say on Britain's Future. Many would be unhappy but then again, UK did make choices and sometimes brutal choices for the world.

I on the other end also know what I will be voting for despite it seemingly won't make any sense to my husband.Why? My reasons would be different than Conservative Right Wing.

I take this opportunity to make more sense. I am an Indian and I am married to Englishman and it can't get any more multi-cultured family with families living around the world and personally lived in quiet a few countries.

I hear from lot of liberal and good friends and family WHY and HOW Britain should just accept Multi-culturalism. To be honest after living 5 years on and off ( I know they aren't many but are enough to be British Citizen and I have done my time it feels) Britain and UK has multi-culturalism.

What makes me say that is because of following

- UK has people working and living from every country.
-  London is boiling point of Multi-Culturalism with restaurants, celebration of festival, shops full of exotic food and drinks.
- In the last 5 years of my stay nobody has told me on my face anything which makes me think it is racist.

One would wonder how Britain hasn't accepted or appreciated Multi -Culture.
However having Multi-Culture and accept Multi -Culture are 2 different things all together.

Why Britain shouldn't Brexit ?

There are million good reasons from not being isolated to currency value. To have relationship with other countries and it is good for trade and economics has proved this many times. No man is an island. We all thrive to have relationship. Britain knows this better than any other country.

Why Britain should Brexit ? on the other hand which I see. 

Control Immigration : Despite what I previously said about Britain being multi cultured has little to do with how many Immigrants should come and remain in UK.

Most debates on TV are about Immigration at it's most important reason to Brexit.

At the heart of Brexit and mainly UK coming out of EU has actually snowballed from people who want to control Immigration. How has it snowballed ? From years lower class and some middle class was unhappy about their jobs being taken by foreigners.They thought all countries like India or China weren't capped. It was soon found that rules were made stricter and stricter for Non -EU Nations however door was led open to EU. It had led to free movement within EU and which UK agreed to.
The number of UK people going  out in EU and people coming is nearly same or less than 2% of overall Europe's Population.

When everybody else in EU are happy with Free Movement. Why is it UK isn't ok with it ? This is a difficult question. Only people of UK can answer but it is not a big country geographically as other countries say like USA or Australia.

UK/ Great Britain has lost it's identity and sense of Patriotism : So many countries , so many traditions and so many cultures within one country due to Raj and conquering world has led to UK lost it's identity and confused on how to behave. It has led people to be socially awkward. Despite Great Britain had hoisted it's flag world over in the past but same patriotic feeling is missing currently within the country. British People should be able to hoist their flag, sing their national anthem and take pride in their country. However not to the point of previous form of arrogance. Some are even more patriotic towards their Football team but not to their country.

UK has lost role in the world :  I spoke to a very intelligent British lad who was studying for being a Doctor and made me realize how UK as a country feels it has retired. UK role during colonization had been amazing and can be seen as glorious yesteryears of a young man.
Role of UK as a country or truly United needs a some sort of agreement to disagreements. UK has been asked to sit down or go and relax like a retired old man who insists to do something.

Royal Family : Royal Family gets tourism and gives an identity world over.  Despite having Royal Family there has been always sense of somebody being better or your family social status becomes very relevant in the society. Huge amount of Britain exiting EU can bring back them in power or things might go as they were before.

Being Commoner: Britain still enjoys many perks from around the world over because of  glorious past and has a sense of superiority or confidence to over achieve. I can see why it would be difficult to be commoner and start re-negotiating trade practices, getting EU scholarship money, visa rules, etc.

Mystery and Uncertainity: Like Pandora Box, I am a woman who likes to open boxes of unknown and uncertainity but hope doesn't come cheap. Truth is that Brexit means in some ways RE- DOING conquering of world without exerting false power and RE-EARNING trust of others. The real question is that risk averse country like Britain would ever throw dart in dark. That remains to be seen. Ofcourse there are no plans or information on what exactly would happen after Britain exits except Nigel Farage UKIP and Borris Johnson would lead the country.

I already know the answer - NO. Britain would never leave EU.

Few lessons which Brexit or debate has really opened up isn't the question whether it is beneficiary for Britain to be in EU?

The real questions or lessons are -

1. Being aware of impact of Free Movement : People have genuine or not so genuine reasons to complaint. As every complaint should be heard if not understood or acted upon. There would be always people who wouldn't be happy with foreigners. Love of Foreign Culture and Diversity can only be instilled as a country and from very young age.

2. Being Humble :  Whether Britain should be given Special Status it has enjoyed from centuries. Britain always enjoy better living standards and whether their people should be still complaining about their life ? Being humble doesn't mean self-deprecating humour.

3. Being Open Minded : Instead of Xenophobia and not outwardly or just things like restaurats and celebrations. To be truly open minded one needs to inwardly accept differences in society and most people struggle to live in diversity in Britain. Once again open minded doesn't mean nosy but it means

Are you giving same opportunity as others ?
Are you less biased ?
Are you looking for similarity in relationship or looking for various range of people ?
Do you only stick with people who talk like you or walk like you ?
Or You have multiple nationality friends in your circle but you still feel you are superior or better than them ?

It is a challenge that one doesn't want to change it's core values and yet appreciate others differences.
I think that is where Britain is. They tolerate difference but aren't able to truly ENJOY differences.
It is hard for whole generation and whole as country to enjoy diversity.

4. Genuine Friendliness to Foreigners : This is unseen where somebody would go out of their way to help foreigners. Forget help but just generally talking to each other is painful sometimes when talking to natives of  UK. As to help somebody truly one has to like them and there is still debate on whether Britain likes Foreigners or not. Genuine care and friendliness to foreigners is far away as Britain as a country are reserved which seems as an excuse.

5. Real UK : Behind PRO - UK news and media, outside UK world never hears about real problems UK are facing. To be isolated might not be answer to figure out Real UK but blaming immigration to all your problems isn't an answer.If NHS , Education System and infrastructure is being in stress maybe it is time to rebuilt some old to new. Rich and Poor are everywhere just some country have it openly whereas in Britain they are hidden in council homes.

Britain needs to know it's core values, traditions and culture before it interacts with the whole world. In short, Britain needs to get their act together and solve their internal problem and that is why I suggest Brexit.

Who says Brexit has to be permanent solution.  Perhaps Brexit might not long term but a short term - few gap years or decades for this very old student would be great !!!

6. Friendly and Spiritual Britian: Country which is a financial capital of the world where material wealth is accumulated and people are valued based on their ability to make money. I wonder what would Friendly and Spiritual Britain look like ?  Is world ready for Britain look like that? A country where Religion has taken back seat and most people are member of "Church of England" who doesn't practice their religion.

 There are too many painful moments and there are too many things done wrong and despite feeling associate guilt. Would Britain come out of their high horses of Queens and Kings and be equal to not so rich countries. Britain past is harshest and some countries are poor and they can say " Sorry we do not loot world over to be rich".

The real question is - Has Britain done enough good for world after doing so many bad things ?
Judgement should be passed not by world but by British people itself ?

Vote to Remain but there are always options to Remain Out but more importantly to do some Soul Searching for Britain's way forward and future.  
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